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Triad Network Technologies is up to date with the latest developing Fiber-optic and Copper UTP, FTP & STP structured technology standards produced by the TIA/EIA publications. Our installations comply with the ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B telecommunications cabling standards as well as 569-A telecommunications pathway & spaces standards. Our customers vary from small businesses to large intricate corporate offices. All of our installations are tested and certified to the most up to date standards, using Triads advanced testing equipment. Click here to download our informational brochure

The explosion in demand for bandwidth in enterprise networks is driving an urgent need for higher Ethernet network speeds (Applications fueled by video rich content, Data Center demands, and exponential growth in supercomputer and R&D computing activities). Laser-optimized multimode fiber and Category 6A Copper are recognized as the mediums of choice to support these high-speed data networks. With today's 10 Gigabit Ethernet and next-generation 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet speeds on the horizon let Triad ensure your network will continue to run as you expect it to, flawlessly, with our staff of design and install professionals.

Triad structured cabling services include the following:

Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)

Whether you’re opening a new office, relocating your existing office locally or across the nation, or managing day to day moves in your office, the MAC process can be a major activity. There are several details that need to be considered.

Triad Network Technologies can help make sure your time frame can be reached with minimal or no disruption at all to your business. We have the expertise & resources to have all your moves adds & changes of your telecommunication & voice technology seamless.

When you move to a new facility or need MACs within your office is a perfect time to integrate new technology. Triad can help you appraise your current cabling structure and assist you whether you decide to upgrade or maintain your current standards

IT Communication Closet Clean-up.

Do you have a cumbersome communication room that looks like a spider web? With the use of telco racks and wire managers, Triad can help clean up you communication room & make it manageable, just like a brand new install.

Project: Closet Clean Up


This project was launched at 5:00pm on Friday and finished before the company reopened the next morning at 8am.
A total of 120 cables had to be re-terminated at both the closet and station sides.
All cables were also tested and certified.
All of the station locations were then documented on asbuilts drawings.

Communication Equipment Room (CER) Build-outs include:

Overhead rack & raceway design & installation
Data rack and/or computer cabinet installation & layout designs
Under floor systems
Voice & Data patch panel installation & layout
Fiber-optic enclosures installation & layout
Vertical & horizontal wire management

Project: Closet Build-Out and Category 5E Cable Installation

This project entailed the build-out of several closets for the implementation of (300) servers.
Twenty 7’ equipment cabinets were installed to house these new servers.
2000 Cat5E cables were also installed, terminated, tested, and documented.
(50) 48 port patch panels, (15) 7’ freestanding racks, and over 1,000’ of ladder rack were used in addition to horizontal and vertical cable management.

Project: Closet Build-Out and Installation of 970 Cat 5E Cables

This project involved the build-out of several closets for the installation of (970) Cat5E Cables throughout the facility.
To create a cable path, 2000’ of Snake tray was installed in the ceilings.
Materials included (13) 48 port patch panels, (3) 7’ racks, horizontal/vertical cable management, and 100’ of ladder rack.

Project: Data Center Build-Out and Category 6 & 10gig Fiber Optic Cable Installation

This project involved the build-out of a Data Center for the installation of (1152) Cat6 Cables from new equipment racks to 24 server cabinets (48 cables per cabinet). To create a cable path, 400’ of 24” Basket tray & Fiber Guide was installed below the ceilings.

Project: Data Center Build-Out and Category 6 & 10gig Fiber Optic Cable Installation

This project entailed the installation of (720) CAT6 shielded cables to 30 server cabinets.
Installation of 300’ of 4”X12” Fiber Runner.
Installation of (30) 10gig 24 Strand fiber runs.

Project: Data Center Build-Out and Category 6 Cable Installation

This project entailed the installation of CAT6 cable to over 20 server cabinets.
(27) 48 port angled patch panels.
Two new 7’ racks with Patch Runner wire management.
Multiple layers of ladder rack and radius drops were installed.
1296 CAT6 cables were installed, terminated, tested, and documented.

Structured Cabling Installations include:


• Voice & Data Station Cabling Installation – CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT5E, CAT6, & Augmented CAT6)
• Voice blocks & patch panel installations
• Data Patch panel installations
• Station and patch panel termination & labeling
• Standard 19” cabinets, swing gate & free standing rack installation or buildouts with cable management (horizontal & vertical)
• Demarcation extensions (T1, ISDN, 56K, Broadband, CO lines)
• Riser backbone installation & design
• Cross-connection of voice cables to the majority of phone systems
• Station cabling identification, verification & certification
• Coax installation (CATV, CCTV)
• Cable pathway support (Bridle rings, J-hooks etc.)
• Wide assortment of patch cables for closet & work stations


• Multimode (62.5 & 50 um) & Single-mode fiber installation
• Fiber terminations (SC, ST, LC FC & more)
• Riser backbone installation & design
• Fiber documentation & labeling
• Armored fiber & innerduct installation
• Wall mount & rack mount fiber enclosures
• Splice tray holders & terminations
• Fiber to copper media converters & transceivers
• Wide assortment of fiber patch cables



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